We've produced a series of videos on a variety of subjects. They include unique research and tips, plus a chance to review best practices. But the best bit? Most of them only last a few minutes; bite-size knowledge.


Sending a simulated phishing test to your staff

Uncover the percentage of your staff that would click a dangerous email with our free 'email phishing test'. Nathan and Ben explain how easy it is. On average, 35% of staff click our simulated phishing emails.

Oryalign company video 2023

OryxAlign Company Video 2023

What an amazing 12 months it’s been at OryxAlign. If you’ve got a minute, check how we invest in our people and benefit our clients while maintaining a strong focus on ESG.

stop staff phishing emails

How to stop your staff clicking phishing emails

35% of your staff will click a dangerous email. How do you fix that? Good cybersecurity training. Nathan and Martin discuss how you can reduce that figure to 16% after 6 months, and 4% after a year.

Importance people cybersecurity

The importance of people in your cybersecurity

Your staff play a significant role in creating a 'human firewall' to prevent cyber attacks, but people also have a part to play in identifying false positives that could shut down your operation.


Webinar: securyXDR extended detection and response (XDR)

XDR (extended detection & response) offers enhanced visibility of threats across your networks, endpoints, email and cloud environments. This live demo shows you how the new securyXDR platform will automatically hunt, detect, triage and investigate.

Building a human firewall

Webinar: Building a human firewall - how to transform a risk into a shield replay

Humans are often the weakest link in your cybersecurity. The term human firewall is used to describe people who follow best practices to prevent as well as report any data breaches or suspicious activity. In this webinar we reveal best practices.

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