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13 Jan 2022

New year, new changes: Meet our Head of Sales & Account Management


The new year calls for positive changes within a business. OryxAlign are thrilled to announce that our Head of Sales & Account Management role will be led by Nathan Charles.

From Account Manager to Head of Sales & Account Management

Nathan joined the OryxAlign team in 2018, as an integral member of the sales team. Bringing experience from previous roles including IT Director and Systems Technician, he has worked closely with a number of OryxAlign’s strategic clients to strengthen their IT infrastructure and overall business performance, whilst keeping service excellence at the core.

Nathan’s key role has been to assist clients as a Senior Technical Account Manager, and his IT skills and understanding of technical language has allowed him to support clients as an Interim IT Manager when needed.


To new beginnings…

Nathan’s success developing technical roadmaps, and deep understanding of the challenges businesses face has led to his role progression, leading the sales and account management team.

“I’m extremely excited to start 2022 as the Head of Sales and Account Management at Oryxalign, and I am looking forward to working closely with this great team of Account Managers to further enhance the OryxAlign portfolio.

Given my many years’ experience as a Technical Account Manager my key focus will be to produce a customer service centric sales platform for OryxAlign to amplify our strategic Account Management offering whilst striving for service excellence.” – Head of Sales & Account Management, Nathan Charles.

Nathan’s achievement is a testament to his hard work and dedication throughout the years. “ I’m delighted with Nathan’s appointment to Head of Sales and Account Management. Since joining OryxAlign in 2018 he has demonstrated great ability and success in developing strategic client partnerships and has excelled at delivering on his responsibilities as a Senior Technical Account Manager. Through hard work, dedication and commitment comes progression, and having Nathan now lead the sales and account management team at OryxAlign, its indeed a great achievement”. – OryxAlign CEO, Carl Henriksen.

By OryxAlign