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12 Dec 2019

Technology predictions for 2020

Advanced organisations will double their data strategy budget whilst becoming more embedded, connected and adaptive with their IT approach. Getting data right unlocks transformations and creates competitive edge, which naturally rests on scalable cloud services and cloud-first network infrastructure.

We have have summarised several key technology predictions for 2020:


1. Evolution in Internal Communication


Collaboration applications such as Microsoft Teams and Slack are starting to grow in user base and finally overturn email for internal communication. Communication between groups and projects stick together which is easier to find previous communication or documentation. These productivity benefits are starting to be identified and will grow further throughout 2020.


2. Continued Cloud Adoption


Low, reliable and fast connectivity prices have become a breeding ground for cloud adoption. This trend is certainly set to continue in 2020 as organisations look to Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services to host server and network infrastructure for increased agility and productivity.


3. Are you being served?


Over the last two years chat applications have started to serve customers in greater volumes. Organisations will adopt this approach as generation Y and particular Z customers want a fast reactive but non-intrusive response to their service requests. Customer service portals – not just for large organisations – can bring a significant amount of competitive edge. Customers want to self-serve requests online where possible or chat whilst multitasking where help is required.


4. Cryptocurrency could become a normality


Large cryptocurrencies haven’t necessarily had an impact in everyday finances. However, with the launch of Libra in 2020, Facebooks cryptocurrency, which is expected to be used across all its platforms including Instagram and WhatsApp for Ads, we anticipate could be the first cryptocurrency that the general population start to use.


By OryxAlign

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