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24 Jan 2019

Technology is redesigning the workplace

We are entering a new era of IT. One that fundamentally reimagines where we work, the way we work, and how we provide the tools for work. The first era was mainframes. The second, client/server. We are now embarking on the Third Platform era: a confluence of the Internet of Things, Big Data, Social and Mobility. Creating synergy in all aspects of our lives, that have not been connected previously.

So, what are we doing about it?

We are untethering from the traditional desktop, both as a physical surface, and as a machine. Software is rented as a service, data is seamlessly accessed across multiple devices and business is conducted whenever and wherever it can be. Today is only the beginning of this paradigm shift and businesses are yet to catch up to the cultural and technological changes occurring around them.

Fear not, this is a relatively new cultural and technological shift and there is no better time than now to get informed and start making your own plans to adapt to these changes. Have a read of our Business Technology white paper all about the Workplace of the future, and the technology that will power it.


In this white paper, you’ll find:

• The Technology that is redefining the workplace.
• Managing disruptive IT.
• The demands and characteristics of a Millennial workforce.
• Office work styles to adapt to.
• HP Device as a service.
• What to expect from the future office: 5 innovations.
• How to prepare for the future, now.

By OryxAlign