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13 Jul 2020

Managed Services: Overcoming complex technology challenges

Technology powered business transformations are rising in demand and depth across all types of organisations, and the business advantages are evidenced and clear.

In this article we look at the role of Managed Services in helping to deliver these transformations, why they are needed, and when to adopt them.


What is a Managed Service?

Managed Services are outsourced organisations who help businesses to manage and maintain processes, systems and operations. It’s quite a large umbrella term that covers support in a variety of technology-related services and solutions.

A Managed Service Provider (MSP) is a company specifically set up to support businesses with their IT systems. Many organisations worldwide choose to outsource their IT support, maintenance of servers and work with them to form a business strategy.

Traditionally, an MSP would help onsite just like an in-house IT team, but now they can do so much more, both onsite and remotely.


What does an MSP do?

Whether you have an in-house IT team that might need supplementing, or you are looking to outsource all of your IT support, MSPs offer a variety of services for businesses of all sizes.

Most commonly, MSPs are utilised by businesses to install and manage certain IT functions that a business needs to help them overcome specific challenges e.g. cloud backup.

Businesses have realised that access to newer technologies increases business productivity, efficiency and competitive edge; for example, through the use of data analytics, application integration or process improvements.

Services now often include Cloud or Technology Transformation, Enterprise and Solutions Architecture, Cloud and Infrastructure, IT Business Management, and Systems Integration.


What are the benefits of working with an MSP?

Managed Services help companies overcome challenges to improve performance and achieve better business results. Managed Services typically provide a flexible structure that enables businesses to fine tune their IT to meet their business objectives.

Here we have included 5 key reasons businesses and enterprises use Managed Services:

  1. Need for broader or in-depth technical expertise
  2. A need to focus internal resources on core business operations
  3. Utilise technology to drive business forward or gain competitive advantage
  4. Supplement internal resources to handle growth business capacity or geography
  5. Access external expertise to advise and improve existing IT systems


How do I choose the best MSP for me?

When judging what makes a great Managed Services Provider there are several key areas to inspect:


Strategic Engagement

This is an essential part of Managed Services delivery. The goal here being to fully understand the business aims and objectives behind the IT needs. Business aims could be to improve customer experience, ordering time or service delivery analysis – whatever the aim it needs to be understood by you and your Managed Services Provider.

A strategic review and IT assessment can help. A clear roadmap forward to deliver on your digital transformation goals.


Business Growth

All businesses are focused on growth, even further, driving new and sustained revenue growth. When selecting a Managed Services Provider, you'll want to choose an MSP can assist with your growth ambitions. As your business experiences growth, you'll naturally add more staff, so you'll want an MSP that'll make it easy and efficient to add new workstations, employee accounts and/or locations.


Critical Infrastructure Care

Enterprise networks of today face unrelenting challenges that have compounded to threaten their capacity, efficiency, security and ultimately user experience.

The larger and more complex the network, the greater the need for intelligent network management, automation and integrated monitoring, analysis & reporting.

A Managed Services Provider with a keen eye on critical infrastructure management & analysis is important.


Cyber Security Management

As technology becomes further embedded in business, protecting technology well from external threats is critical. Every Managed Services Provider should be able to offer extensive Cyber Security services including Threat monitoring & management, Trusted access & identity management and Advanced Malware Protection.


OryxAlign Managed Services


An OryxAlign managed services partnership delivers a deep engagement with an expert team of consultants, engineers and service managers who invest the time needed to understand your business.

Whether you're looking to get a project off the ground, need some technical advice or simply want to discuss the way we do things, we're always up for a chat.


By OryxAlign

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