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3 Feb 2021

Get the most out of Microsoft 365 with new capabilities

Microsoft is constantly working on ways to make the 365 experience intuitive and engaging. The latest capabilities will transform user experiences and empower teams to embrace modern ways of working.


Breakout rooms, Tasks publishing and more

To help people effectively engage in large meetings and connect businesses, new announcements in Microsoft Teams have been released.


Connecting people in large virtual meetings

Breakout rooms have been introduced to allow meetings to be divided into smaller groups. This new, and highly requested feature is designed to allow for targeted and need-to-know discussions, brainstorming sessions and learning groups. Meeting organisers can now switch between breakout rooms, give announcements to all breakout rooms at once and bring people back into the main meeting at any given time. After the meeting, the organiser will be able to access assets, meeting files, whiteboards, recordings and transcripts.


Connect your business from the office to the frontline with Tasks publishing

Tasks within Microsoft Teams now comes equipped with a new publishing feature to allow people to drive consistent execution of tasks across all business’s locations. Leadership teams can create and send tasks to relevant locations, and track their progress through real-time reports. Managers can now stay connected much more easily and frontline workers will be able to access a list of tasks based on priorities.


Use Microsoft Teams to track and manage approvals

The approvals feature is now generally available to allow people to create, manage and share approvals within Teams. Simply begin an approval flow within the chat, in a channel conversation or use the Approvals app to manage this. All that’s needed to submit is an approval type, details, files and approver list.


Unify your workforce management in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Team’s new integration now provides a more richer and unified workface management experience. People can view and swap shifts, review their work schedules and make changes, all within Teams.


Simplify your tasks, lists and functions

Discover new features for easier prioritisation, organising tasks and accessing lists on the go.


Access lists through iOS

The new Lists mobile app for iOS now enables people to access their lists directly from an iPhone. Now they can easily open an existing list, add/edit list items, or create new lists from a choice of templates or starting by scratch. To get started, download the app from the Apple App Store.


Manage tasks easily with intelligence

Microsoft To Do will soon use Artificial Intelligence to aid in planning days and tasks. The technology will work to identify crucial tasks based on keywords and deadlines. You can find this in the ‘My Day’.


Create Diagrams

Discover new Visio capabilities to visualise data-connected business process flows.


Insert icons into your Visio files

Access a range of content in the library with icons and images which can be used in diagrams. This new feature can be used to rotate, recolour and resize content without sacrificing the image quality. The latest capability is available to use through Visio for the web or the Visio desktop app.


Application Guard

Application Guard has been introduced for businesses to keep their business-critical information protected and to keep users protected from threats. Now that many businesses are adapting to permanent remote work or even a hybrid model, the need to protect data is crucial, now more than ever. Office 365 will now isolate untrusted documents into a virtualised sandbox and keep your users protected from any malicious threats. This enterprise security feature is now available and integrates with a range of business models.



If you’re looking to find out more information on Microsoft 365, or you have a query about the latest updates, please get in touch with us today.

By OryxAlign