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12 Apr 2022

Empower new ways of working with Windows 11 and 365 updates

It’s been just over six months since Microsoft introduced Windows 11, the operating system designed specifically for hybrid working. Microsoft are consistently working on innovative methods to improve the experience, and it’s no different with Windows 11. We go through what’s to come with Windows 11 and how this will power your business and people from any location.


A faster and dynamic Windows 11 experience powered by the Cloud

Last year, Microsoft announced Windows 365, the world’s first Cloud PC designed for users to stream their entire Windows experience from the Microsoft Cloud. The experience allows an employee’s personal settings, apps and contents to be accessed via any device at any time.

More and more companies are looking to bring in permanent hybrid working strategies, but in order to do that, new integrated features are required to enable flexible ways of working. And that’s exactly what Microsoft are bringing to the table!

Windows 365 boot

With Windows 365 boot, users will be able to log directly into their Windows 365 Cloud PC at startup and then designate it as their primary Windows experience on the device. This is a great feature for those temporary or frontline workforces where sharing devices and BYOD is common.

Windows 365 switch

This latest feature will allow users to move between their Windows 365 Cloud PC and the local desktop. Users will also be able to use the same familiar keyboard commands, mouse-click and swipe gesture.

Windows 365 app

The new native app will allow users to easily access Windows 365 Cloud PC from the taskbar or directly from the Start menu. The desktop app will allow users to have a personal and customised welcome experience. Microsoft are also working on Windows 365 Offline, this will enable work in Windows 65 when disconnected. Once re-connected, the 365 cloud PC will resync with the Windows 365 service without any data loss.


Inclusive and intelligent experiences and features for employees

Research by Work Trend Index indicates that 51% of people prefer workplaces that offer the option to be fully remote, but prefer the hybrid experience. Whilst Windows 11 is designed for hybrid working, it also keeps in mind of workers in all scenarios, whether that’s remote, onsite or hybrid.

The Start menu in Windows 11 is already centralised, but now Windows 11 will have new app folders within the Start menu, enabling


Refreshed File Explorer in Windows 11

Looking for critical folders and files can get frustrating, but it no longer has to be challenging with the new contextual suggestions in Windows which is powered by Context IQ. This feature suggests relevant content and contacts across Windows and content to the cloud. The tabs feature will also aid users in multitasking and finding multiple files simultaneously.


Saving time with new features in Focus for Windows 11

When focus was first introduced, it was designed to limit visual distractions and minimise clutter on the desktop. But now Focus inside Microsoft Viva Insights helps users save on valuable time by being able to automatically schedule focused time based on the working schedule. There will also be a integrated focus timer and do not disturb feature to help users track and personalise focus time.


Natural hybrid meeting experiences powered by AI

With more companies operating hybrid, Microsoft are introducing features to make virtual and hybrid meetings feel more natural. This includes automatic framing to refocus the camera, voice clarity, voice focus and background blur. Lastly, the new AI based eye contact feature helps to improve eye contact during virtual meetings and video calls.


Live Captions in Windows 11

It’s important for businesses to be inclusive and mindful of accessibility. The latest live captions feature in Windows 11 aid language learners and hard of hearing communities.


Improve communication with targeted messages in Windows 11

Now, businesses can send targeted organisational messages to users across multiple surfaces, whether that’s on the desktop, lock screen or above the task bar. Sending helpful messages to new employees, or reminders for training sessions is now more flexible and easier for businesses.


New security features

It’s no secret that the cyber security landscape is always changing, we’re seeing new threats constantly and that presents challenges for business leaders. To help address these challenges, the new security features in Windows 11 will secure hybrid and remote employees.

Phishing remains to be one of the most prevalent attacks. To address this, Windows 11 will now have enhanced phishing detection and protection built in with Microsoft Defender SmartScreen. Additionally, more capabilities around malware, ransomware, data loss and hardware attacks are also being added.

For more information on Windows 11 and Windows 365, contact our cloud team today.

By OryxAlign