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25 Jul 2019

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are fast becoming important pillars of many organisations’ digital transformation strategies. The increasing use of chat-bots, recommendation engines and tools for predicting and preventing cyber-attacks are typical examples of the impact AI and ML are having on the market.

The largest driver behind AI within business is the possibility of multi-tasking. AI can handle routine, easy tasks and queries to allow your employees to focus on more important and pressing areas of the business, department or role.

As organisations start to make use of AI for multi-tasking they will become more efficient and move ahead of the competition. Those who do not adapt risk being left behind.

Here are our 3 top areas where we found that organisations are starting to invest in AI:


1. Customer Service


Automating customer service can result in faster response times for the customer and lower costs for the organisation. With chat now becoming popular for customer service requests, especially in generations Z and Y, it can be an obvious place to start. With chat, you can also integrate AI to semi-automate requests. For example, you may greet the customer initially via automation and after information gathering pass to a live representative for the solution and then perhaps automate the solution chat to the customer.


2. Information Technology and Data Security


AI and ML can be used to help mitigate external threats by providing solutions to complicated threats that can change and adapt over time. As crime migrates more online and customers are taking notice of where their data is stored; IT and Data Security are becoming ever more important.


3. Business Management and Finance


Using your internal data AI can recommend (and implement if required) business decisions based on parameters you set. This could include scheduling customer meeting priorities based on account performance or providing financial predictions based on analytics and behaviors. There are many tools and add-ons to existing business and finance packages that allow for these efficiency savings.

By OryxAlign