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15 Jul 2021

Why data backup is important for your business

Regardless of the size of your business, your data will always be the forefront of your business, and that’s not something worth losing. Prospect, customer and employee details, financial information, strategic plans, intellectual property… losing this data can be extremely damaging and costly, not just to your business, but your customers and employees too. That’s why a comprehensive data backup and recovery plan should be something  ALL businesses need in place in the event of an incident.


Why you need data backup and recovery in place

cyber attacks are on the rise

It’s no secret that the global pandemic has only amplified the number of cyber attacks, and given hackers extra means and motivation to target businesses. Phishing has hit an all-time record, and ransomware is on the rise. Some businesses think they aren’t a target because they’re too small, and it’s that mindset that keeps cyber criminals in business. Everyone is a target.

Ransomware attacks are predicted to occur every 11 seconds. Worrying, right? That’s why it’s all about the ‘when’, not the ‘if’. Preventative measures are an absolute necessity to protect employees, customers, data and assets WHEN s cyber criminals comes knocking.

Human error

More and more employees are falling for phishing attempts. Not only will employee credentials be compromised, but the attacks are also an easy way for hackers to worm their way into your network.

Security awareness training and endpoint security products are important preventative measures, but should the worst case scenario happen, data backup and recovery will allow you to recover.

Natural disasters

Mother nature doesn’t come with announcements, so having a backup solution is an essential part of your overall IT strategy. Granted the UK doesn’t see many hurricanes or tornados, but flooding, storms, and wildfires aren’t uncommon and should be considered in your disaster recovery plan.

Competitive advantage

Your brand reputation is on the line if you don’t have a plan to regain your data. The last thing you want is this to hit customer trust, and affect any future opportunities due to a tarnished reputation. Having data backup will give you a competitive advantage, and also a peace of mind.

Data breaches are a common in today’s cyber security landscape. Business relationships are built on trust and integrity, so if a potential client is aware that their data is secure and can be recovered, this is more likely to encourage them to work with you.

Our team has extensive experience with data management and business continuity planning. Whether you’re suffering from outage due to cybercrimes, user error or natural disaster, our team can get you backup and running with your original data. If you’re looking to get a solution put in place for your business, contact us today.

By OryxAlign