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27 Apr 2021

What’s new with Microsoft SharePoint?

Over the last few months we’ve seen various updates and new capabilities throughout the Microsoft 365 suite. We explore what dynamic new features Microsoft have rolled out in SharePoint and 365.


Dynamic employee experiences 

Microsoft Viva Connections for Teams

Through both the desktop and web versions on Microsoft Teams, users can search through the intranet content, sites and news. Viva Connections for Teams, also known as the Home site app, creates an integrated experience for users which encompasses communications, knowledge, learning, resources, and insights.

To deploy Viva Connections, its recommended that the SharePoint home site is configured with global navigation in the SharePoint app bar.

SharePoint app bar with global navigation

SharePoint communication and team sites will now feature a SharePoint app bar, allowing fast access to customisable global navigation and additional intranet resources. Users will be able to access this feature no matter where they are in SharePoint.

Focus mode for SharePoint pages

SharePoint page authors and viewers can now focus on page content by hiding the site header, site navigation and global navigation bar. One simple click will enable focus mode, and another click will revert back to the original set up.

SharePoint Page Analytics updates

Page Analytics will now allow owners to see the number of viewers and how users interact with posts. It will also provide insights on who the page viewers are, and the average time spent per user.


New teamwork updates in SharePoint team sites, OneDrive, and Microsoft Teams

365 incorporates various tools to help users perform the right tasks and to empower teamwork. SharePoint has been designed to intelligently allow users to collaborate on content together with integration across Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, Yammer, Stream, Planner and more.

Improved Person columns in Microsoft Lists

This new feature is designed to improve the behaviour of the Persons columns in list and make suggestions around relevant content. When users type in the people picker, the autofill’s suggestions derive from Microsoft Graph. This makes the experience more personalised based on who the users collaborate with most often.

Migrate content from Box to Microsoft 365

SharePoint and Microsoft 365 admins now have streamlined support to migrate content over from the content management system Box, and into Microsoft 365. Users can now migrate Box files, folders and even convert Box notes into Word documents, choosing the destination to save from either OneDrive, SharePoint or Teams.

The service will discover users and their files when connecting to a Box enterprise account. It will then automatically map to an individual’s OneDrive account. This can also be manually mapped to a specific OneDrive user account, routed to SharePoint sites, or a Teams channel for shared content.

Guest Access in Yammer – Now available

It’s important for businesses to stay engaged with customers, partners and many other stakeholders whilst keeping up with privacy and security policies. The latest new feature is powered by Azure B2B, which allows admins to share company applications and services with guest users from anther business – all whilst keeping control over corporate data.

Looking to build a SharePoint site or need guidance on navigating the new updates? Contact our team today.





By OryxAlign

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