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8 Aug 2016

Accsys Technologies join OryxAlign

Accsys Technologies PLC is a chemical technology group, focused on the acetylation of wood. Their operations are comprised of three principal business functions:

  1. The commercial-scale Accoya® wood production facility in the Netherlands
  2. Technology development
  3. Technology licensing

While they may not be a household name, it is very likely you have seen their Accoya and Tricoya products in buildings and landscapes around the world. Accoya has been used in the Omnisport Apeldoorn velodrome, which boasts the world record for the fastest lap, the passenger bridge and pier in Shanghai 201 Expo Pier, and the prestigious Ernst and Young Centre in Sydney, amongst numerous other public and private buildings.

Their technologies and brands are internationally protected by patents and trademarks, and have been technically validated at full commercial production level. Accsys (AXS) are OryxAlign’s first publicly traded client, listed on both the London Stock Exchange and Euronext Amsterdam. They also are hugely proud of their environmental credentials – Accoya provides compelling environmental advantages over rare, slow-growing hardwoods, chemically-treated wood, and non-renewable, carbon-intensive materials such as plastics, steel, and concrete. Accsys is EUTR compliant, prevents deforestation, has a completely closed-loop, non-toxic manufacturing process, and their production facility meets the highest requirements in respect to health, safety, and the environment, with over 50% of their plant powered by renewable energy.

Carl Henriksen, CEO and Founder of OryxAlign had this to say: “OryxAlign are thrilled to have a customer like Accsys as part of our customer portfolio. They are a truly global client with locations in the Netherlands, US, and UK and winning this contract is a fantastic testament to the capabilities of OryxAlign. We look forward to supporting Accsys in their business operations, and are excited to welcome more companies of Accsys’ calibre to our portfolio in the very near future.”

By OryxAlign