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4 Jul 2019

Office 365 powers ahead

Microsoft release a quarterly report each month and within the latest quarter (April, Q3 2019) of the Earnings Call section it’s more good news reported by CEO Satya Nadella confirming that “Office 365 commercial now has 180 million users.”

This increase from 155 million users in November 2018 also highlights the increase in monthly growth to 4.16 million. In addition, Microsoft confirmed their Office 365 commercial seats now stands at a 27% year on year growth.


How much of the Office 365 product do you use?


With the fast growth in number of users we considered that some organisations may not be using all of the features available to them.

Microsoft have provided a neat tool called Microsoft 365 usage analytics so you can see your organisations usage.

You can visualise and analyse Office 365 usage data, create custom reports and share the insights within your organisation and gain insights into how specific regions or departments are utilising Office 365.


How do I see the report?


To get started with Microsoft 365 usage analytics you must first make the data available in the Microsoft 365 admin center, then instantiate the content pack in Power BI.

The content pack is available to all customers free of charge. You need to sign up for the free Power BI service to connect to the content pack. You can also customise the dashboards and reports with the free Power BI service.

To share the dashboards with others both the user who is sharing and the user the dashboard is shared with must have Power BI Pro or Power BI Premium.

Please contact us for setup assistance or further information on Office 365 usage reporting.

By OryxAlign