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9 Jul 2020

Migrating to Microsoft Azure: Myths vs Reality

Cloud computing has surged in popularity recently, but much misinformation has been perpetuated. Thus, many businesses remain reluctant to migrate. This is a shame, as they’d miss out on all sorts of benefits.

If you’re intrigued by the potential benefits of cloud migration but still have reservations, this article may clarify things for you.

Myth #1: The cloud is less secure

It’s certainly no less secure than any in-house environment. The Microsoft Azure security centre’s continuous health monitoring is often superior to a business’s in-house efforts. Microsoft has a dedicated cyber defence operations centre and an attack prevention platform that analyses traffic in real-time. The data centres are also protected with 24-hour video surveillance. You can also be safe in the knowledge that no government has any right to your data – it’s yours. Should the government need to inquire about it, Microsoft with direct them your way.

Myth #2: It’s expensive

Possibly to begin with. A cloud migration done well does require expert guidance, but with a migration to Microsoft Azure, there will be plenty of savings to balance things out. You'll save packets by ditching the maintenance costs of physical, on-premise servers. Plus, now that your cloud resources are easily scalable, you’ll only ever be paying for the capacity your business requires.

Myth #3: It’s hard

The UX and UI within Azure mirror that of Microsoft 365 – it’s simple and intuitive. There are no new tools to learn, either. Everything you already know about SharePoint Online is easily transferable. Microsoft even offers a range of virtual training courses to get your team up to speed on cloud management ASAP.

Myth #4: Migration is all or nothing

You don’t have to move everything. Instead, you can take a hybrid approach, which is how most migrations begin anyway. You can migrate some now, more later – such as moving one entire section of your business onto the cloud (email for example), and leaving the rest on site. An all or nothing approach would somewhat undermine the flexibility ideal of cloud computing.

Myth #5: The cloud is only for big businesses

Regardless of size, every business wants to be as efficient and flexible as possible. Migrating to Microsoft Azure means your workforce can function from anywhere. All the more relevant in the current climate. Remote working aside, seamless collaboration, regularly scheduled backups and increased flexibility are all on a small business’s wish list.


Needing an experienced IT provider to facilitate an Azure migration is anything but a myth. Without experienced IT staff, many of the above myths become all too real. Migrating without expertise can be expensive and stressful, especially for smaller IT teams.

The migration process is different for every business. Still, with over a decade’s experience and a trusted Microsoft Gold-Certified partner, we can help with every angle of your migration to Azure. Contact us today to start the conversation.

By OryxAlign