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24 Nov 2020

Microsoft 365 releases top requested features

Microsoft have released highly anticipated updates and features across 365. The way we work has now changed and keeping into consideration the changes users are adapting to, the updates will improve workflows and are sure to enhance user experience.


Microsoft Teams updates

As of this month, ‘Teams apps for meetings’ is now available. Along with enhanced form integration, the new capabilities make it easier to build app and bots within Teams.


Improve your meeting experience with Teams apps

Prior to the new updates, collaborating with an app during a meeting wasn’t simple or smooth, participants needed to share their screen whilst updating reminders, tasks, or requests. Now you can bring the capabilities of many of the apps directly into the meeting experience for everyone to interact with. This new feature is designed to increase interaction amongst meetings and overall making the experience more effective, not just before and during meetings, but afterwards too.


Gathering feedback for polls

Forms’ integration with Microsoft teams turns listeners into interactive participants. Presenters can now prepare polls in advance and activate the polls during meetings for attendees to view and answer.

How to get started:

The Form rolls will be with you soon. Update your Teams app and add the Forms app to your meetings tab, for more engaging and productive meetings.


Remove unwelcome background noise in Teams meetings

We may have all experienced distracting sounds during Teams meetings, but that’s all about to change. No more noises and no more disturbances. Real-time noise suppression will remove unwanted background noise for a clearer experience. The latest feature is currently being rolled out to users.


Automate routine tasks without leaving Teams

Introducing the Power Automate app for Teams. With this new app, users are able to use various templates in order to build workflows within the tool. It’s even easier and faster to automate routine tasks. Just update your Teams to the latest version to get started.


Effectively building and deploying apps and intelligent chat bots

The new Power Virtual Agents app and Power apps were first announced back in September. Users can now, with no complexity, build applications and bots within Teams, without needing to deal with connecting to storage or even switching applications. This feature comes with built-in security and governance elements to guarantee a seamless user experience and control of access to apps and bots.


Faster information sharing in Microsoft 365

New capabilities provide flexible experience when finding, capturing, and sharing notes within Microsoft 365.


Reference your notes on OneNote

With OneNote feed, users are now able to combine their notes across Sticky Notes, recent OneNote pages, and Samsung Notes. This means easier referencing when generating an email. Users can also reference their notes when working in a OneNote page, capturing new thoughts by creating a Sticky Note within the feed, all without the need to leave OneNote.

Where OneNote is available:

  • OneNote
  • OneNote on the web
  • OneNote for Windows 10
  • Outlook on the web


Yammer notifications within Teams activity feed

Soon, Teams users will begin to see Yammer announcements and mentions in their Teams activity feed, subject to having the communications app installed. For users to understand the full capabilities Yammer has, Microsoft have released an interactive guide, which will be available for users for Yammer Q and A insights in Microsoft Productivity Score.


Data loss prevention


Protecting sensitive information on your endpoints

Endpoint Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is now universally available, the new service enhances data protection capabilities. It will also allow businesses to identity and prevent risks, such as inappropriate sharing, transfer and use of sensitive data. This will be consistent across cloud, on-premises, and endpoints.

Taking into account of customer feedback, there will be new abilities such as the use of enforcement actions and location-bases sensitivity. Also added, a new dashboard in Microsoft 365 compliance centre – designed to manage DLP alerts.


Integrate Amazon Web Service (AWS) in Visio for web

Cloud architects are using diagrams as a means to visualise design deployment of IT solutions built on AWS. The latest feature will support the build of AWS diagrams for various topologies and service interactions within Visio web. Architects will be able to redesign existing infrastructure diagrams, conceptualize application architecture, or visualize the current state of your cloud environment and plan for the future, with over 400 shapes to access. You can instantly start envisaging your AWS infrastructure!

How to get started:
> Go to the Visio web app homepage
> Select your chosen diagram template



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