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18 May 2021

How to enable ransomware protection with Windows 10

Ransomware recovery costs have doubled within the last year, rising from $761,106 in 2020, to an alarming $1.65m. With ransomware attacks becoming more prevalent and sophisticated, businesses need to be taking every opportunity to protect themselves from this very real threat.

But if you’re a Windows 10 user, you can breathe (slightly) easier, with Microsoft’s built-in ransomware protection in Windows 10.


How to turn on ransomware protection in Windows 10

Microsoft Defender Antivirus is automatically enabled on endpoints and devices that are running in Windows 10. But many Microsoft users are unaware of the built-in ransomware protection, which can prevent ransomware from encrypting your data and protects your files.

We’ve listed out the steps that administrators can follow to protect users today.

Step 1: Click on the windows icon on the bottom left corner and go to ‘Settings’, then click on ‘Update & Security’


Step 2: Click on ‘Windows Security’ on the left hand side


Step 3: Click on ‘Virus & Threat protection’


Step 4: Click on ‘Manage ransom protection’ on the bottom of the screen


Step 5: Toggle the button to turn it on

And there you have it! Once you turn on controlled folder access, your documents, pictures, videos, music and favourites will be automatically protected.


But you also need a comprehensive ransomware protection solution…

Whilst this built in layer of protection is great, anti-virus simply isn’t strong enough to combat evolving ransomware threats. Hackers are becoming much more clever in the way they target businesses, so you need an advanced solution that’s going to protect your business and assets. A comprehensive EDR solution consistently monitors and detect threats in real time, and picks up those those threats that wouldn’t usually be detected with a standard anti-virus product.

Securyx does exactly that. The Endpoint Detection and Response platform is supported by a resilient 24x7x365 endpoint security monitoring and remediation service which will actively detect known and unknown threats.

Securyx key features include:

  • 24x7x365 endpoint monitoring
  • Remote workforce security
  • Ransomware rollback and guarantee
  • Unified EPP & EDR
  • Predictive threat intelligence
  • Automated endpoint detection & response
  • Microsoft 365 & Azure Identity Protection


If you’re ready to discuss how you can strengthen your defences against ransomware and improve your cyber security, schedule a consultation with our security experts today.


By OryxAlign