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6 Dec 2021

How Microsoft Loop brings hybrid workers together

Microsoft are back at it again with yet another reveal to support hybrid workers, and this time it’s a new Office app called Microsoft Loop, designed to enable teams to think, plan and create together.

Let’s dive right into what Loop consists of, and how your teams can collaborate more fluidly.


The Loop components

Microsoft Loop is made up of three elements: Loop components, Loop pages and Loop workspaces.

Loop component

Loop components are units of productivity which allow your users to collaborate and complete work in the flow of their work, whether that’s by chat, email, meeting, document or through a Loop page. Loop components consist of lists, tables, notes, tasks or even a sales opportunity from Dynamics 365. Each component is regularly synced, which means regardless of where it resides, all users will be able to work with the updated information.

To aid users in effective collaboration, two new tools have been introduced:

  • A voting table which allows teams to finalise decisions together
  • A status tracker which can be used to track team progress and status on a project

Loop pages

Employees can now use flexible canvases to organise components, whilst pulling in additional elements like files, links, or data to connect and collaborate. All pages are optimised for brainstorming and getting work done.

Loop workspaces

Loop workspaces are shared spaces that allow your teams to see and group all aspects relating to an important project. This way, it’s easier for users to track progress and see who’s working on specific tasks in the project.

Microsoft Loop enables teams to keep everything together whilst being productive, keeping on track and staying connected. Components across Teams, Outlook and OneNote is set to roll out this month, the Microsoft Loop app is to be announced in the upcoming months.

If you’re looking for information around Microsoft Loop, contact our cloud team today.


By OryxAlign