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26 Jul 2021

Embracing hybrid working with the new Windows 365 Cloud PC

Microsoft’s recent work trend index found that 73% of workers would prefer remote working options to remain, and 67% want more in-person collaboration. Navigating the different ways of work brings challenges for leaders as they strive to provide workers with resources that enable hybrid working and collaboration. The new Windows 365 Cloud PC will factor in user experience, secure remote access, retaining talent and improving productivity.


Windows 365 Cloud PC: A powerful and personalised Windows experience in the cloud

The Cloud PC pulls power from the cloud and its capabilities of the device to deliver a powerful and secure Windows 10 or Windows 11 experience – that’s from any location and any device!

The new experience allows users to stream all their personalised applications, tools, data and settings from the cloud in any device, inclusive of Mac’s, iPad’s, Linux devices and Android. Even when switching devices, the state of the cloud PC stays the same, and users can pick up from they left off.

The experience is flexible enough for workers to get their work completed from anywhere. Whether that’s from a laptop in a hotel room, their tablet from the car or the desktop whilst working from the office. For those that work seasonal, businesses can scale up and down as depending on the resources needed, taking away the complications of logistical and security issues with supplying new hardware.

Windows 365 further supports additional business apps such as Microsoft 365, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Power Platform—line of business apps, and more. Microsoft will also ensure app compatibility with ‘App Assure’ which is a service for customers with 150+ users to rectify any app issues at no additional cost.


Greater simplicity with familiar tools

Businesses are able to choose the size of the Cloud PC according to their needs with per users and per month pricing. There are edition options available to businesses which include a cloud-based offering with numerous Cloud PC configurations based on performance needs – Windows 365 Business and Windows 365 Enterprise.

Microsoft have built Windows 365 to align with how physical devices are managed. In Microsoft EndPoint Manager, Cloud PCs will be in the same view as the physical devices. IT teams will also be able to apply management and security policies to the Cloud PCs.

Azure Virtual Desktop

Windows 365 is also built on Azure Virtual Desktop, it simplifies the virtual experience and manages all the details. IT teams can scale the processing power, and to ensure that users are receiving a seamless experience, the performed of the Cloud PC can be monitored.

Endpoint Analytics

The built in analytics will allow businesses to take a deeper look into the connection health across networks, ensuring that the Cloud PC users can access everything they need on the network to remain productive. The Endpoint Analytics dashboard identifies the Cloud PC environments that aren’t performing its best for users. Recommendations are also available, and upgrades can be made instantly.

Additionally, the new Watchdog Service will assist to keep connections going constantly. Should a diagnostic check fail, IT teams will be immediately alerted, and advice will be given to rectify the issue.

Azure Virtual Desk top continues to adapt as businesses modernise VDI in the cloud. The service is highly recommended to use for greater customisation and flexibility, particularly for those businesses that possess virtualisation expertise.


Cloud security powered by Zero Trust

Windows 365 works to address current security challenges by designing, storing and securing information in the cloud rather than the device. Multi-factor authentication will verify login or access attempts to a Cloud PC via integration with Microsoft Azure Directory. IT teams can also delegate specific permissions like licensing and device management. Businesses can also make use of the security baseline for Windows 10, Microsoft Defender or Endpoint and Microsoft Edge, similar for physical devices. Additionally, a built in cloud PC specific baseline has also been built to aid businesses to get up and running quickly.

Windows 365 will be available to businesses from the August 2nd, 2021. If you’re looking to learn more information, contact our cloud experts today.

By OryxAlign