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8 Aug 2019

Business benefits of Microsoft Azure

The growing pains of cloud adoption continue as organisations realise that a single solution of either Private Cloud, Data Centre or Public Cloud isn’t always the best option. Sometimes, a mix of two or all three is required.

For most organisations in the mid-market and enterprise space, this mix of workloads within public, private and hybrid requirements will be a big topic in 2019.

Microsoft Azure is a fast-growing cloud due to its relationship with Office 365, a solution adopted by 13% of offices worldwide. We take a closer look at Microsoft Azure, its key features and how it has been used to solve business problems.

Highlighted below are four of the key mid-market business benefits of Microsoft Azure:

1. Global Scope

Mid-Marketand Enterprise Organisations often have requirements to operate globally, which can be challenging to achieve when using privately owned data centres or IT operations.

Azure can dynamically adapt to each organisation's individual utilisation and performance requirements. This makes IT management of global workloads much simpler.

There are also advantages for the end user. It means they can get a positive experience irrespective of the location they are working from.

2. Resolve Disaster Recovery Complexities

Data and workloads within Microsoft Azure can significantly simplify disaster recovery by including features such as:

  • Failover options globally
  • Standby models
  • Rolling Reboot Capabilities
  • Minimal Performance Impact
  • RPO and RTO Planning with SLA’s

3. Enhanced Proactive Security and Compliance


Security is a key focus for all types of technology buyers today, especially within the mid-market and enterprise.

Azure offers a broad set of policies, compliance, technologies and controls that strengthen your security posture by protecting your data, apps and infrastructure from threats.

Features such as Multi-Factor Authentication (2FA) and Single Sign On (SSO) all help to further strengthen security.

4. Increased Productivity


More efficiently develop and manage your applications with nearly unlimited cloud computing resources.

Cloud providers continuously update their data centre networks with the latest-generation hardware, providing you with fast, efficient computing resources that never go obsolete and would be more costly to implement in a single data centre.

We work with customers to improve IT productivity and business outcomes through Azure implementation. To learn more, contact us for an initial consultation.

By OryxAlign