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13 Feb 2020

A popular 2020 predication is “Edge Computing” – We explain why

Edge computing has been around for some time now, but the term has been coined out of its expansion and potentially future importance within the next decade.

Edge Computing (also known as Edge Networking or Fog Computing) is when data is processed near the edge of a network, where the data is being generated, instead of in a centralised data processing location.

Data has been migrating over the years from on-premises to the cloud and now, increasingly, from the cloud to Edge Locations where the data is being processed.

The purpose of Edge Computing is to improve the reliability and speed of applications – improving performance to the end user. There is also a potential financial gain to Edge Computing through the reduction of traffic over multiple networks which reduces bandwidth requirements and potentially bandwidth cost.

The practical application of Edge Computing for an organisation means that customers and partners can potentially access and use that organisations’ services and applications faster and at a lower cost, with less reliance on a centralised cloud solution. With customers demanding more data through applications such as customer portals from financial, commercial property and other sectors you can see how Edge Computing is becoming more prevalent.

Whilst there are security and privacy concerns of storing and processing data near the network edge, there are growing demands on such technology with the increased load on cloud infrastructure and number of intelligent applications which benefit greatly from edge computer processing.

To asses current demand a recent survey of over 500 North American organisations with 500 to 50,000 employees was completed by Futurum Research. The results demonstrated the importance of Edge Computing with 93.3% stating that they are likely to invest in Edge Computing within the next 12 months and 72.7 percent confirming that they have already invested in some form of Edge Computing.

To learn if Edge Computing can improve the performance of your business applications, speak to one of the OryxAlign team today.


By OryxAlign

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