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11 Jan 2022

6 quick tips to speed up and clean up your computer

Computers have a tendency to slow down over a period of time, it might be down to old software, software issues or viruses and malware. We share our top tips on how to speed up your computer and give it a clean for the new year!


#1  Restart your computer

 This one probably seems like an obvious one, but you’d be surprised at how many people don’t do it, and it’s an easy fix! Restarting your computer means stopping any software, tasks and processes that are open and draining your computer’s processing power.

Once your computer restarts, it’ll have additional free memory to operate which makes it run a lot faster.


#2 Close down heavy duty tasks and programs

 There are some programs you might be using that need a lot of RAM, CPU power or hard drive space in order to run efficiently. One way to close down apps and programs which aren’t in use is through the Windows Task Manager. This will give you an idea of what programs and background processes are using the most RAM, CPU and memory.

Simply open task manager, select the programs you want to shut down under the processes tab and click ‘end task’.


#3 Empty your recycle bin

 Again, probably an obvious one, but when’s the last time anyone actually cleared out their recycle bin? We all delete files without a second thought to where they go. Emptying the recycle bin will ensure that deleted files are completely removed from your system which will then free up space.


#4 Get rid of your old files and downloads

 Over the year’s a lot of files would have accumulated on your computer, and they’re most likely photos, videos and files sitting in your Downloads folder. You probably don’t need these and the chances are you’ve saved these elsewhere, now you have copies sitting in the Downloads taking up space on your computer’s hard drive.


#5 Clear your browse history and cache

Keeping your history can make your computer lag, so unless it’s important for you to keep track of your browser history, it’s best to delete it to help speed it up. Remember to clean all your history, cookies and cache!


#6 Remove idle browser extensions

If you’ve got too many extensions running simultaneously then this is probably the root cause of your browser running slow. By removing them, your computer will save computer memory and speed up the performance.

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By OryxAlign