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6 key benefits of outsourcing to OryxAlign

strategic consultation

Our solution architects work with you to understand and advise on your sourcing, selection, and procurement criteria to ensure ongoing operational alignment.

centralised vendor management

Our dedicated account managers handle vendor relationships and contracts and monitor utilisation.

gold partnership status

We have long-standing relationships with our vendors and software suppliers and are certified Microsoft Azure and Sharepoint Gold Partners.

managed IT procurement

Our existing network of trusted vendors speeds up acquisition timeframes and ensures you the best IT deals.

supply chain management

We handle the entire supply chain management centrally, including acquiring and maintaining hardware, software and data centre storage.

ongoing research and development

We invest internally in R&D to ensure your business and systems benefit from new IT innovations.

focus on your core business and benefit from our buying power

The complexities of managing different IT components can quickly become a drain on your time and resources. OryxAlign’s dedicated procurement teams can streamline and centrally manage your procurement and vendor relationships.

Our long-standing vendor relationships and years of experience ensure value for money, efficient rollout and maintenance, plus a smooth supply chain.

You’ll always be within budget and on time and can refocus on your core business.

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