a continuous cycle of vulnerability management, consisting of scanning, monitoring, reporting and remediating risk, can protect your organisation

Software, hardware, network and human vulnerabilities surface on a daily basis. Identifying and addressing them is essential for a robust cyber security posture.

vulnerability management tools that detect and eliminate weaknesses before they get exploited

Vulnerability scanning

vulnerability scanning

Regular scanning of networks and applications using vulnerability management tools that search for weaknesses and misconfigurations.

Eradicate blind spots

eradicate blind spots

Identify and map every asset. Gain complete visibility across your entire attack surface.

Vulnerability prioritisation

vulnerability prioritisation

Risk-based analysis with contextual elements, including asset criticality and threat intelligence, to identify the highest risks.

Mitigate and remediate

mitigate and remediate

Our team will work through a prioritised checklist to strengthen weak spots, patch software, fix misconfigurations and introduce solutions.

Expert guidance

expert guidance

Our cyber security team provides start-to-end vulnerability management and advice.

regulatory requirements

meet regulatory requirements

Some compliance frameworks require thorough threat and vulnerability management processes. Our services help you prove and maintain compliance.

5 stages of vulnerability management



Comprehensively discover and classify assets.



Assess asset vulnerabilities to establish attack surface and risk.


analyse & prioritise

Rank vulnerabilities in order of prioritisation and criticality.



Remediate vulnerabilities and verify results. Acquire precise information on which areas to patch to gain the full potential of risk reduction.



Consistently look for areas of improvement and actively work to identify vulnerabilities.

Our fully managed vulnerability search and secure service scrutinises your IT infrastructure for areas of weakness.

We determine the significance and criticality of each before proposing and executing remediation measures.


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