human error causes 90% of all cyber data breaches; turn your greatest risk into a security-informed asset

awareness training and simulated phishing attacks

engaging and interactive training

Engage employees with immersive training. Available in several languages and across formats such as videos, games, posters, and newsletters.

proficiency assessments

Gauge employee competency and the overall security culture of your business. Tailor training for individuals based on proficiency gaps.

phishing alert button

Forward a message to the security team for analysis with one click. The suspected email threat is deleted from the inbox to prevent further exposure.

Phishing simulations

phishing simulations

Schedule and send realistic, simulated phishing security tests to establish which individuals need further training.

advanced reporting

Access deep-dive insights into the progress of your security awareness training program. Report on and respond to actionable metrics.

phishing reply tracking

Track any replies to simulated phishing emails to test employee vulnerability. Use the output in your training.

security awareness training white paper

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