Digital transformation has been one of the key trends for the past few years and in 2021 it will be no different. Fundamental to digital transformation is the adoption of all things Cloud, but with Cloud adoption comes complexity and risk, unless it has been designed and built with effective security at its core.

The latest statistics on cloud computing all point to multi-cloud and hybrid cloud as the reality for most organisations. Multi-cloud might be a tough concept to grasp, but the idea of multi-cloud computing is relatively simple. It’s the choice of an organisation to distribute its assets, redundancies, applications and anything it deems worthy not on one cloud hosting environment, but rather across several.

OryxAlign continue to expand its strategic cloud services practice. Our cloud platforms and expertise have helped many businesses scale their operations and realise the benefits of improved security, resilience, flexibility and ultimately reduced operational cost.

The question is no longer whether you should embark on a journey to the cloud to drive transformation, but rather how quickly can I start, and which clouds are best.

Best Cloud Support Provider

We were shortlisted in the Best Cloud Support Provider category at the Computing Cloud Excellence Awards.