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29 Jun 2022

The benefits of implementing an effective MDR service

Managed Detection and Response services (MDR) are becoming an invaluable third-party asset to businesses of all size, from every sector. These outsourced cybersecurity solutions can both detect and fight threats, autonomously, that your in-house security infrastructure may not have the resources, the skills or the manpower to handle. Most industry-leading MDR platforms provide continuous 24×7 protection, including AI driven cloud-based cybersecurity for organisations who would struggle to host their own comprehensive security control centre.

How does MDR work?

MDR services combine all aspects of a cybersecurity plan into one managed service. The business benefit of an MDR service is to maximise the effectiveness of threat monitoring and response, without the need to increase internal resources.

Outsourced MDR is designed to reduce the need for constant security up-skilling in an organisation, and to provide a comprehensive threat monitoring and prevention solution that every organisation needs. MDR is not reactive, instead it is designed to proactively hunt for threats, to pre-empt attacks and prevent them from getting close enough to damage your business.

The benefits of MDR

MDR services blend cutting-edge technology and human resources together to form a seamless and continuous protection plan. Whilst you could opt to use a different service for every stage of your security infrastructure, MDR end-to-end services readily combine monitoring, detection and response all in one package – a highly cost-effective integrated solution. Instead of engaging with, and paying for, three services to do three different things, you only have to source one.

One of the biggest issues plaguing organisations’ security posture is the on-going pressure to build and maintain up-to-date skills and manpower within their employee workforce, to identify and fight emerging and ever-changing security threats. For SMEs, it’s often difficult to form dedicated security teams to focus on these threats, and even more difficult still to keep them trained accordingly. Many organisations simply lack the resources and manpower to protect themselves effectively with in-house solutions.

In-house security teams can also be overwhelmed by huge fluctuations in the volume and type of threat alerts that can take place and are almost impossible to predict. Trying to analyse potentially hundreds of alerts a day can stretch resources to a critical level, and without the proper training it can be exceedingly difficult for your employees to recognise which threats are the most pressing, and which ones could be indicators of a larger, more devastating attack.

An MDR service, however, has teams of trained professionals behind them who each specialise in targeting specific threats, are capable of being scaled as required, and work in tandem with sophisticated technology to sift through and grade alerts, recognising which need immediate response and which can be siloed for later treatment.

MDR means a dedicated, experienced security team working around the clock with sophisticated automated threat discovery to protect your organisation, so your employees can safely focus resources on running your business without fear of an attack compromising your security.

Graham Smith

By Graham Smith