IT transformation, consulting and partnership that drives business growth and improvement. Cutting through the jargon to deliver effective IT strategies.

Our consulting capabilities include

Strategic business planning & guidance

Business planning is necessary achieve growth and success. Our team of consultants and solution architects will invest time to understand the purpose and requirements of organisation to best align and advise on the right technology investment.

We have an internal R&D capability who actively encourage a practice of looking forward, outside the immediate future of the organisation, whilst advising and guiding on the business impact of future technology trends.

CIO as a service model

We appreciate many organisations don’t have the luxury of a CIO on their Board. As a collective team of highly qualified and experienced professionals, can provide the critical technology leadership your organisation needs in an easy CIO-as-a-Service model.

Delivered at an agreed on-site attendance frequency, our team will propose independent and well considered decisions, oversee the implementation of vital transformation projects and ensure your IT investment delivers the expected return, while allowing your existing team to reclaim some of their valuable time.

IT strategy & consulting

Acting as an extension of your internal team, our consultants will complete a strategic review on your current IT investment and will report on its effectiveness, with a view to improve operational efficiency and deliver business value.

Through the adoption of our proven 5 step review process, we aim to maintain the strategy, mature it, and most importantly, to implement it effectively and successfully.

Digital transformation

Successful digital transformation is the way organisations use technology, automation, people and processes to improve business performance significantly. By so doing they achieve competitive advantage. While most organisations understand the importance of digital transformation, many are finding their digital transformation journeys an uphill struggle.

OryxAlign have been delivering successful digital transformation projects for a number of years and have a comprehensive understanding of the transformation journey and the crucial role technology plays in it. Leveraging our extensive and mature service portfolio, and our proven success record, we are your perfect transformation partner.

Creating a more streamlined workforce

Digital and IT transformations are important, if over used and misunderstood terms. Many people seem to think that it’s all about cost cutting, but actually it’s about becoming more strategic and better aligning IT with business goals.

Every transformation needs a clear set of objectives that the whole company understands, so creating an effective IT strategy with early engagement from senior management is essential.

Taking on that challenge, along with implementations, retraining and reorganisation may sound daunting – (it’s a full time job on top of what you’re already doing) – but it’s not something you have to go through alone.

An experienced IT partner will help you lay out wants, needs and upgrades needed to help you reach your goals. That’s exactly what we do at OryxAlign.

Our highly-skilled consulting team will plan and guide your IT strategy as well as implementing the necessary technologies. We employ some of the best talent in the industry that understand the importance of aligning IT with growth.

Whether you’re wanting to improve your current IT infrastructure or completely overhaul the way your company operates, we will work shoulder-to-shoulder with you to achieve the next level of performance.