The larger and more complex the network, the greater the need for intelligent network management, automation and integrated monitoring, analysis & reporting.

Move beyond “keeping the lights on”

Fault, performance & availability monitoring

Quickly detect, diagnose, and resolve network performance issues and avoid downtime with network infrastructure optimisation and provide automatic backups of device configurations and roll back to last known good configurations.


Automate essential network tasks and maintenance to reduce outages and mitigate performance issues with hop-by-hop critical path analysis and visualisation. Know how switches and ports are being used, and which switches are nearing capacity, and who and what is connected to your network.

Expert & certified consultancy

Work with a team of industry expert network engineers and consultants to design new, optimise existing & secure, always, your critical network infrastructure.

Change management

Prevent mistakes by reviewing and approving proposed changes using integrated change approval workflows and role and access permissions to improve delegation and collaboration by controlling who can make changes to devices and configurations.


Security policy management that automates and enforces access to the network infrastructure and resources. Our application platform delivers superior user and network device visibility to support and control restricted network access.

Why invest in automating your network?

Network automation is the process of automating the configuring, management, testing, deploying, and operating of physical and virtual devices within a network. With everyday network tasks and functions automated and repetitive processes controlled and managed automatically, network service availability improves.

Any type of network can use network automation to improve efficiency, reduce human error, and lower operating expenses.

One of the biggest issues for network managers is the increasing costs for network operations. The growth of data and devices is starting to outpace IT capabilities, making manual methods nearly impossible. Currently up to 95% of network changes are performed manually, resulting in operational costs 2 to 3 times higher than the cost of the network. Increased IT automation, centrally and remotely managed, is essential for organisations to keep pace in the digital world.

With a network automation plan from OryxAlign, we can design and provision automation across the network while working with existing network and policy definitions.