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VIRTUS Data Centres

VIRTUS Data Centres, the UK’s fastest growing data centre provider, owns, designs, builds and operates the country’s most efficient and flexible data centres. VIRTUS leads the industry with award winning innovation in hyper-efficient, ultra-high density and highly interconnected facilities.





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The Challenge

In 2011, Virtus was acquired by Brockton Capital and their expansion plans and IT strategy were high on the agenda. Due to forecast expansion and to accommodate this substantial growth, a new technology support partner was needed who could develop their infrastructure and ensure they were maximising profitability and efficiency through the correct technology.

The Solution

OryxAlign completed a detailed on-boarding process and proposed an overhaul of the aged and server and network infrastructure. The new infrastructure was implemented successfully, in-line with ISO standards and without disruption to the business. As part of the support partnership OryxAlign provided (and continue to provide) IT strategy and technical consultancy in order for Virtus to gain and maintain their ISO27001 accreditation.

Alongside the infrastructure refresh, a managed technology support framework was implemented which provided Virtus with a dedicated 24×7 technology support service combined with a highly-skilled infrastructure support team.

In 2013, a decision was made to migrate the IT infrastructure to the Virtus LONDON1 data centre and to implement a VDI platform in order to provide further flexibility and scalability for the business. After careful planning, Virtus was migrated to OryxAlign’s cloud platform, OryxCloud. The OryxCloud platform is a highly available and powerful managed cloud environment, geographically dispersed across multiple UK data centres, one of them being the Virtus LONDON1 facility in Enfield. It was important for Virtus to run their technology from their own datacentre and OryxAlign’s OryxCloud platform ensured that was achieved.

With the OryxCloud platform successfully powering the business, Virtus moved on to their next project, which was to augment their customer service engagement. OryxAlign were commissioned to implement a Service Desk and advanced ticket management platform, enabling effective collaboration between Virtus security, support and provisioning teams, and their customers. This was a complex project, requiring in-depth understanding of the operational procedures and processes within the business. OryxAlign delivered the new SDM infrastructure on time and in-line with the ever-important ISO27001 standards.

The first quarter of 2015 saw the launch of the new Virtus flagship LONDON2 data centre which marks a milestone in the expansion and continued growth of Virtus. In 2017, two years and two data centres later, OryxAlign performed a complete telephony refresh, installing a world-class voice solution to keep their 4 data centres connected with the touch of a button. As Virtus have grown, the importance of having up-to-date and secure infrastructure has increased as well. OryxAlign’s dedicated Support and Account Management team ensures that the critical infrastructure within their centres remains secure, stable, and flexible enough to support their ever-growing company.

OryxAlign have been an indispensable partner to Virtus, supporting their growth into the 4 data centres they have currently, with another 2 in the planning stages. They are the UK’s fastest growing data centre provider, and therefore their data centres’ availability and security is of paramount importance to both their own company as well as to their customers. Since 2012, OryxAlign have worked in partnership with Virtus and ensured that from a technology perspective they retained their ISO27001 accreditation whilst maturing their UK operation. OryxAlign continue to provide and deliver vital technology services and projects to support the Virtus mission and vision.

Business Benefits

  • A highly available, resilient and efficient technology platform with 100% uptime over the past 24 months
  • Improved user productivity as a result of a responsive managed support structure
  • A cost effective and functional disaster recovery solution
  • Continued expert consultancy in order to achieve and maintain ISO27001 accreditation
  • Instantly scalable platform to facilitate rapid growth
  • Anywhere, anytime access for all employees via industry leading VDI infrastructure
  • 100% technical support partnership commitment
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