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Thanks for visiting our London page. It outlines how we’ll give you faster, greener, smarter business IT support in London.

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When tech goes wrong, you want a fast response. Our London HQ* is next to the Gherkin (lovely building). We can probably get to you in minutes, but we can solve most problems remotely. We are a tech company, after all.

Everyone is environmentally aware and wants to do their bit. Reducing carbon emissions (especially in London) is key. If we can walk to your office, we will. Currently, we’ve offset 4 tonnes of CO2e as part of our commitment to a greener future.

London firms attract the best talent. You’re one of them. And that’s definitely true when it comes to tech, so you can be confident our people are good. And when we find them, we keep them. That’s why we were rated as Outstanding by Best Companies to Work For.

* We also have an office in Manchester, Cork and Manila.

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limited special offer – free email security test

On average, 35%** of staff will click a dangerous email, and phishing scams are on the rise. We’ll test up to 100 of your staff with a simulated ‘fake’ phishing email and show you how many clicked.

It’s an easy and effective best practice that patches your last line of defence; your employees.

This automated test provides a report within 24 hours showing the percentage of your staff that failed, and how you compare with others in your industry. It also has charts to share with your management team.

And it’s free. No really, it is totally free.