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1 Aug 2019

Understand & improve your security posture

Gain deeper visibility into and take control of your security


Assessing your security posture is an ongoing challenge. Increasingly sophisticated threats mean that organisations must constantly reassess their security.

Security posture refers to the current state of an organisation’s security—that is, its overall fitness to protect its identities, endpoints, user data, apps and infrastructure. An organisation’s security posture is not static: it changes constantly in response to emerging new threats and variabilities in the environment. Enabling protections, like multi-factor authentication (MFA) for administrators, strengthens a company’s posture. A lack of vigilance, such as failing to update endpoints or use available protections can weaken an organisations security posture.

A major challenge to improving an organisation’s security posture is its ability to accurately and objectively measure it. It takes considerable time for corporations to compare their security configurations to best practices, known risks, and other organisations in the industry—and that’s if the data is available, which isn’t guaranteed. Furthermore, for a security assessment to be useful, organisations must assess their security continuously and track results over time.

IT security teams are under constant pressure to improve their organisation’s security posture. This pressure is steadily growing as IT security becomes a more frequent C-suite topic and senior leaders are held responsible for data breaches that erode customer trust and cause stock prices to plummet.

Progressive chief information security officers (CISOs) are looking to their security providers to help quantify their security posture, provide recommendations for improving it, offer guidance on the level of effort required, and estimate the user impact. This data helps enterprises determine how they will invest in security and set reasonable expectations for their return on investment (ROI).


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