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TaxAssist Accountants is a national network of accountants who are experts in helping small business owners and self-employed individuals with all of their tax and accountancy needs. They service over 64,000 clients and have over 290 store fronts across the UK. In 2014, TaxAssist were nominated as the winners of the Smith & Henderson Best Large Franchise award, as well as being awarded for continuous improvement and 5-Star Franchisee Satisfaction.


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The Challenge

The challenge for any TaxAssist franchisee is knowing that their client data is safe, secure, and always accessible. A successful accounting practice needs technology that is affordable, yet of an enterprise standard, in order to meet the demands and workloads required to process vast amounts of data and meet deadlines.

The Solution

OryxAlign are the approved technology partners for TaxAssist Accountants UK and provide an arrangement of managed technology support and cloud services to over 90 franchisees throughout the UK. Managed service delivery is vital when setting up a new or running an existing franchise due to all the complexities and time management involved.

The vast majority of TaxAssist franchisees connect into the OryxCloud platform which delivers a reliable, resilient, and secure hosted infrastructure solution to power the franchise and to facilitate growth, and peace of mind. Each franchise is provisioned a dedicated server and high-performance hosted desktops for each user working within the franchise. The OryxCloud platform provides all that is needed for the TaxAssist employees to be productive and to communicate efficiently with their clients. Full access to all the usual accounting software ad applications are included, as well as the required software application updates, licence management, and unlimited managed technology support.

The OryxCloud platform allows the franchisees to focus 100% on building their business and the needs and requirements of their clients.

Business Benefits

  • Highly available infrastructure hosted in OryxAlign Tier III datacentres.
  • An infrastructure which supports flexible and remote working allowing the outsourcing of accounting services.
  • A technology solution which protects the investment with future-proofed technology and delivers a high return.
  • All-inclusive licensing, infrastructure & support subscription costs.
  • Infrastructure scalability for meeting the demands of operational growth.
  • A dedicated managed IT Service Desk providing unlimited and tailored application and infrastructure support combined with 24x7 monitoring and alerting.
  • "The inevitable transitional hurdles were swiftly and efficiently surmounted, to give us a problem-free system which we now take for granted, secure in the knowledge that OryxAlign are looking after everything in the background. They have been particularly helpful in liaising with CCH on our behalf with regard to upgrades and installations, leaving us free to take care of our clients."

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