Devonshire Square
Devonshire Square

Devonshire Square

The real early part the history of Devonshire Square can be traced back to 100-300 A.D. when the site was quarried for brick earth. Later on, the land was put to a number of uses including convent gardens, but by the 1700’s the area was covered with tenements, craft workshops and small industries.
In late 2006, Rockpoint Europe bought the estate. Its vision was to create a multi-use campus environment, incorporating offices, shops and homes. Remodeling of retail areas and courtyards included installing a high-level roof over the Western Courtyard. Contemporary landscaping and imaginative lighting design complemented the existing brick facades, creating an all-year-round Piazza style environment. More ground-floor shops were added facing into the Western Courtyard towards Cutlers Street, and towards the Avenue and Central Courtyard


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The Challenge

When OryxAlign successfully tendered and won the contract to provide the technology support for DSQ, we inherited an aged and unreliable infrastructure. Their physical servers were running out of space and were constantly failing which was a cause of serious concern for the DSQ management. Along with this there was a management drive to change the corporate image of DSQ and technology was a key part of this.

The Solution

In 2007 we delivered a technology refresh of the server and desktop infrastructure. This brought the much needed stability to the technology platform which was needed. The new infrastructure was supported by our proactive and managed technology support agreement which provided users the feel of an IT department with an onsite presence.

In 2009 we were asked to provide our consultancy services for planning for a CCTV infrastructure refresh and expansion. We engaged our project management and senior technical team who delivered the project on time and on-budget. We implemented 10 new CCTV cameras along with a new data storage platform needed in order to retain CCTV data for longer.

In 2010 we were commissioned to plan, design and implement an external public wireless infrastructure on the DSQ estate. The project involved the installation of high-powered intelligent wireless access points in high-level strategic locations around the DSQ estate. The physical installation of the AP infrastructure was completed out of hours and on weekends and involved the use of high-level access machinery. Once again our project management and senior technical team delivered the project on time and on-budget.

In 2012 we implemented a new virtualised infrastructure to replace the physical server infrastructure as well as a new Gigabit CISCO network infrastructure throughout the estate. Along with this, we implemented a new SIP voice solution with high availability and failover.

In 2013, continued to work closely with DSQ and installed an AV infrastructure in all 7 of the residential apartments. This enabled the tenants to subscribe to an array of digital HD services.

In 2015, we implemented a 10GB fibre core network spanning the entire DSQ estate along with a high performance wireless technology refresh.

OryxAlign & DSQ are strategic partners and we have enjoyed a rewarding partnership which is going on for 8 years and counting. There has been significant change at DSQ over these years, our dedication and commitment in ensuring first class technology delivery and management has been instrumental in the development of DSQ as a new age multi-purpose commercial, retail and residential venue in the heart of the City of London.