OryxCloud Voice


OryxAlign’s Voice as a Service is an excellent and flexible replacement for any traditional and aged PBX telephone system. It addresses the need for convergent and cost efficient telecommunications and the service is feature rich, easy to deploy and extremely cost effective compared to that of traditional telephony.

The voice service brings together a complete set of business telephony features expected from a fully featured on-premise PBX and supports a wide range of Cisco, Polycom & Snom IP phones.

It's future proofAn on-premise system stays the same from the day you purchase it, unless you pay a significant sum to upgrade. With our hosted IP telephony, the system is upgraded periodically and you are always licenced to use the latest version.

It's feature richOur hosted IP platform comes with an extensive range of call handling and management features, all operated through an easy-to-use web interface. From configurable hunt groups to call recording, enterprise features at a fraction of the cost.

Low Cap-exWith hosted IP telephony, the infrastructure is provided as a service. The only upfront charges you will have to pay are for the IP and switches. Switching to an Op-ex model can will improve your cash-flow and save your capital facilities to be used for other things.

Geographically IndependentWith a hosted IP telephony infrastructure all your geographical locations become one. No matter how many offices you have, its one contract, one portal, one reporting platform, one bill and one system. All voice communication across your multiple locations are calls remain free forever.


The ability to communicate with your customers, partners, suppliers and co-workers is a critical aspect for any successful business. Voice continuity is the most fundamental aspect of any business continuity solution. It is also one of the cheapest and easiest to implement and many companies do not have a voice continuity plan or the one that they do have is expensive, untested and inflexible.

The perception is that major events are unlikely but the reality is that many interruptions are mundane (everyday) events within the UK – floods, transport and travel restrictions, systems failure. An IP voice solution addresses all of these eventualities whilst providing a business as usual interim call routing solution that does not just address disaster recovery but ensures that service continues in the first place.


"We have been working with OryxAlign for the past 5 years and their expertise and responsiveness has been great. Our IP phones are a critical part of our business and having them provided by OryxAlign means that they never let us down."