Managed Endpoint Encryption


Given the huge amount of data that can be stored on something as small as a smartphone, there exists a very real danger that very personal and very sensitive data can be compromised if that device is lost or stolen.

Using appropriate encryption is a simple and effective way to protect data, and yet too few companies have adopted this technology. A common misconception is that just requiring users to log in to a device or service with a username and password provides an equivalent level of protection to encryption. This simply isn’t true; a password or pin isn’t the same as encryption, and it isn’t enough to protect against unlawful or unauthorised access. As we see on a daily basis, a password can easily be circumvented.


FULL DISK ENCRYPTIONFull Disk Encryption (FDE) is a computer-based encryption at hardware level. FDE automatically converts data on a hard drive into a language that cannot be deciphered by any unauthorised personnel. Without a secure key, the data remains inaccessible, even if the hard drive was to be used in another computer.
FILE AND FOLDER ENCRYPTIONFile and Folder Encryption (FFE) is a key component of data security. It allows users and administrators to encrypt specific files and folders on a device or on the network, providing an additional layer of security for sensitive files, and extending the reach of your company's data protection.
REMOVABLE MEDIA ENCRYPTIONRemovable Media Encryption is a great way to protect sensitive data held on CDs, DVDs, USBs, flash drives, and other media sources. By fully encrypting these forms of portable media, it allows both organisation and individual to protect sensitive files on the go. Files remain encrypted even if moved off an encrypted drive.
SERVER ENCRYPTIONFull Server Encryption helps businesses lock down their infrastructure investment, offering Full Disk Encryption and a host of other features to seamlessly manage and protect the data residing on company servers.
CLOUDSYNC ENCRYPTIONCloudSync Encryption enforces transparent file encryption on cloud folders through policy to ensure data is protected before it leaves the endpoint.


OryxAlign provide a complete and managed encryption solution whether your users are office-based or on the go. With more and more regulatory requirements coming into play on a regular basis, it is becoming increasingly important to take extra precautions when it comes to protecting your sensitive data.