Enterprise Mobility & Security

Keep pace with security challenges

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security allows you to control identity & access in the cloud, get identity-driven security, manage mobile devices & apps, protect your information, and virtualise your desktops, all from a single platform.

The Enterprise Mobility Suite is Microsoft’s comprehensive cloud solution for your consumerisation of IT and BYOD challenges.

PROTECT YOUR ORGANISATION ON-PREMISES AND IN THE CLOUDUse managed and protected identity as the core of advanced security. EMS works to detect internal threats with cutting-edge behavioural analytics and anomaly detection technologies that help you uncover and pinpoint threats on-premise and in the cloud.
MICROSOFT ADVANCED THREAT ANALYTICSIdentify advanced persistent threats on-premises and detect known malicious attacks almost as instantly as they occur with EMS. Clear and concise attack timelines help you quickly focus on critical response actions.
EXTEND SECURITY WITH MICROSOFT CLOUD APP SECURITYSafeguard all of your apps, in addition to your Office Mobile apps, against cloud-based threats. EMS includes comprehensive cloud app security with powerful visibility, threat detection, attack prevention, and deep discovery of shadow IT.
TAKE A MORE INFORMED, AGILE SECURITY POSTUREWith EMS, you can monitor, assess, and make security decisions based on sophisticated real-time risk assessment. The Microsoft Intelligent Security graph applies machine learning and data analytics to massive data sets, identifying anomalous and suspicious activities. The graph informs recommendations and automated actions to prevent and respond to attacks - and it's part of your advanced security strategy.


OryxAlign understands the importance of keeping your employees productive whilst keeping your company data protected. We offer EMS along with a complete managed services model, to allow end users the experience they want while providing the controls needed to ensure that systems are secure.

OryxAlign can seamlessly integrate EMS into your organisation’s existing Microsoft or Office 365 solution, adapting to all your business needs and providing guidance and support to help your enterprise deploy products and services required to secure your workforce.