Enterprise Data Security


Imagine being able to have any email, document, spreadsheet or report in your company automatically analysed for compliance against the company’s information control policy the moment it’s created, and if it meets certain ‘triggers’, to have it identified, classified, marked and protected such that only authorised parties can use it, internally and externally.

OryxAlign take data and information security extremely seriously and partner with Watchful Software who are industry leaders in providing data-centric information protection that keep corporate information safe from security breaches as a result of accidental or malicious disclosure.

KEEP INFORMATION SAFESensitive documents are protected from security breaches or disclosure, resulting from malicious wrongdoing or accidental disclosure regardless of whether it is at rest, in motion, or in use – even if it's totally outside your network perimeter

FINGERPRINTING & WATERMARKINGApplied and automated as per the security classification of protected content, hence decreasing corporate liability in case of an information security breaches which allows for richer, more complete audit trail on user and systems, enabling organisations to be compliant with regulations and forensic requirements

SEAMLESS INTEGRATIONIntegrate seamlessly into the user workflow, delivering a transparent and intuitive user experiences on multiple platforms and file types to allow an immediate return on investment.

KEEPS SENSITIVE INFORMATION SAFE IN A BYOD WORLDExtend information protection & control to smartphones and tablets such as Windows Phone & Surface, iPhone, iPad, Android, and BlackBerry platforms, even in an on-premises implementation;

E-BIOMETRICS FOR THE ENTERPRISEAdvanced persistent e-Biometric’s that continuously monitors for fraudulent access attempts, by developing a unique ‘digital fingerprint’ for authorised users by analysing free text typing patterns of the user.

Data Classification, Information Rights Management & Data Loss Prevention in a single solution, regardless of whether it is in transit or stored inside, or outside your network perimeter