OryxCloud Disaster Recovery


An IT disaster recovery (ITDR) process is essential to all organisations, not only the large corporates. Today’s infrastructures are complex, organic by nature and tailored to suit an individual organisation. OryxAlign’s disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) is designed with multiple layers of customisation to provide resilience and availability to any infrastructure.

We’ve carefully selected a range of applications from industry leading vendors which strike the perfect balance between being intuitive and simple to manage when systems are up, and dependably powerful and effective when systems are disrupted. Automated verification and testing allows us to report on successful recovery objectives daily, weekly or monthly.

This is 100% guaranteed effectiveness without the manual workload.

Sub 30 minutes RPO & RTO

Hypervisor Level Replication

Automated & Continuous failover-fallback DR verification

Application aware testing

Certified Recovery Points

Compliance Reporting (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)

Data Replication to Tier III Datacentres

Vcloud Director Integration

More than technology, disaster recovery is about enabling your workforce to stay productive throughout exceptional circumstances.