Advanced End-Point Security

Organisations are under attack, and security breaches are constantly making headlines. Today’s global community of hackers are creating advanced malware and launching it into organisations through a variety of attack vectors. These multifaceted, targeted attacks can evade even the best protection tools. These tools inspect traffic and files at the point of entry into the network, block known threats, and let “good” or “unknown” files into the network. Unfortunately, that is where the analysis stops. If a stealthy malicious file manages to evade those defenses, existing tools provide little visibility into the activity of threats on your system. This leaves security professionals blind to the scope of a potential compromise and unable to quickly detect malicious behaviour, respond, contain, and/or eliminate malware before it causes significant damage.

Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) is an advanced security solution that addresses the full lifecycle of the advanced malware problem. It not only prevents breaches but also gives you the visibility, context, and control to rapidly detect, contain, and remediate threats if they evade front-line defenses, all cost-effectively and without affecting operational efficiency.

AMP is an intelligence-powered integrated enterprise-class advanced malware analysis and protection solution. You get comprehensive protection for your organisation across the attack continuum: before, during, and after an attack.

ADVANCED THREAT DETECTIONGain comprehensive protection against all web-related threats for protection before, during, and after an attack.
CONTINUOUS ANALYSIS AND RETROSPECTIVE SECURITYAfter a file crossed the web gateway, Cisco's Advanced Malware Protection continuous to watch, analyse, and record its activity, regardless of the file's initial disposition. If malicious behaviour is spotted later on, AMP sends a retrospective alert so that you can contain and remediate the malware.
STRENGTHENED NETWORK DEFENCESAMP for Web Security is build on big data and exceptional security intelligence. Cisco's Talos group analyses millions of malware samples and terabytes of data per day and pushes that intelligence to AMP. AMP then correlates files, telemetry data, and file behaviour against this context-rich knowledge base to proactively defend against known and emerging threats.
ADVANCED SANDBOXINGGet data-rich, detailed analytics on the behaviour, reputation, and threat level of files that have attempted to enter the network. You gain visibility and control over your environment.
REDUCED TIME TO DISCOVERY OF THREATS OPERATING INSIDE THE NETWORKTurn your web proxy into a security sensor and automatically investigate suspicious web traffic.

Our Cisco certified engineers can implement Cisco Advanced Malware & Endpoint Protection to further boost your company’s security portfolio, and perfectly enhances both Cisco Umbrella and your traditional AV. For more information about how Cisco AMP could protect your company, please get in touch.